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Having Power in Conflict: Handshake Options

Centuries ago knights had four choices in a conflict.  They could use a sword, shield, dagger, or handshake.  The handshake was the nondefensive option. A knight would put out his hand to show he held no weapon. Then he shook his opponent's hand so any weapons hidden in the other knight's sleeve would be revealed.

Like traffic and taxes, conflict is inevitable. But, like the knights of centuries ago, you can choose how to deal with conflict in your life.  

This program helps you develop clear, effective ways to handle life's conflicts.  By learning the Handshake Options, you will be able to defend against the daily attacks and criticisms that come your way.

You will learn to:

  • See the choices in every conflict
  • Identify where each conflict really comes from
  • Use Handshake Options
  • Establish commonality
  • Repeat the heat
  • Request more information
  • Ask why
  • Agree
  • Disagree
  • Delay
  • Integrate conflict-management tools into your daily life
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