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The Conflict Cure:
Dealing Well With Difficult People

A.    Purpose:

Do you ever feel that people are getting ruder? Is all the pressure we’re under just making it harder for us to "play well with others"? After years of training people on interpersonal skills, my participants are telling me that their coworkers are not as "co" as they used to be, and everyone is more frustrated with their working relationships. This workshop is designed to give you tools to gain more power in conflict. Not power over others but power over your responses to conflict and power to prevent it from occurring.

B.    The Seminar Will Cover The Following:

  1. Using “Diffusing and Listening” tools for greater understanding
  2. Establishing positive first impressions and rapport each day
  3. How Commonalities and Uniquenesses affect our work interactions
  4. Test to determine your conflict style or combination of styles
  5. Ways to recognize others’ conflict styles and deal with them
  6. Using eight conflict cures
  7. How to use the right cure for the right situation
  8. Practice in using seven nondefensive options to deal with criticism and personal attacks.
  9. Using the E.R.A.S.E.R. method to give effective criticism and praise
  10. How to “Walk a Mile in Someone else’s Moccasins” – a six-step plan to gain another’s perspective to the situation
  11. How to utilize problem solving techniques to identify the real problem
  12. How to follow an eight-step method for dealing with whiners and complainers
  13. How to follow a nine-step method for dealing with anger and abuse
  14. Recognizing how someone else’s bad day effects you and how to stay cool under the collar and relax mental and bodily tension

C. How You Will Benefit:

  1. Learn how to deal with the whiners, the yellers and the mad-as-heck people.
  2. Learn how to stay positive from day-to-day
  3. How to prevent conflict before it occurs
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