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Active Listening and Verbal Communication Skills

Seminar Description: 


This interactive, high-energy program motivates participants to listen and communicate effectively. It will show the benefits of communicating well and the costs of not communicating effectively. The key is coached practice on listening and verbal tools and setting specific goals.

Who Should Attend: 

Entry-level clerks to staff employees, mid-level managers, lawyers and office managers

What you will cover and how you will benefit:

How to effectively access the impression you give out and how to read others correctly

How to utilize your personal communication style

Fifteen specific tools to improve your listening ability

How to "Walk a mile in someone else's moccasins" -- A six-step plan to gain another's perspective to the situation

How to form a clear, effective message to get what you want

How to give clear and effective criticism and praise

How to say things nicely but get things done

How to read body language such as voice and facial expression, gestures and window posters in yourself and others to create greater understanding

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