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First Impressions and Playing Well with Others Coaching

  • Insight into how you come across to others
  • Understand and use the power of first impressions
  • How to sell in the first five minutes
  • A step-by-step guide for meeting and greeting
  • Social anxiety – taking you from scared and resistant to brave and confident
  • Small talk smarts

Interpersonal Skills and Management Coach

  • Winning job interviews
  • Using DISC and or Myers Briggs to understand yourself
  • Dealing with and or managing difficult people
  • Improving your ability to give feedback and criticism
  • Communicating with poise, tact and confidence
  • Using four persuasion technologies that get people to do things for you

Deception Detection –“Lying to Know You"  Coaching

  • What body language cues show that you are honest
  • How to tell whether someone is lying or just nervous
  • The differences between a real smile and a masking smile
  • How to question to find out the truth
  • The best ways to catch a liar
  • How to look credible 
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