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Charlie Sheen's Body Language, Melt Down or is He Winning, Kids

Here are my rough, unedited notes on Charlie Sheen's body language and paralanguage in various recent interviews. I used these notes as a guide for my interview this morning with AOL online. Please go to the link below for the full interview.

Charlie Sheen, body language of latest interviews. One clip shows him before the interview officially begins. He thinks he is off camera. In this "off stage" clip Charlie Sheen is rubbing the back of his neck. In fact rubbing it quite dramatically. This is a comfort cue typically done by men; the touch is to create comfort. Tactile stimulation affects the nerve endings in the skin and does comfort us. Rubbing the back of the neck is actually a cluster of cues. The rubbing is self-touch a comfort cue. Rubbing the back of the neck, where the hair stands on end when we are frightened also shows clear fear, but the hard rubbing and or grasping at the back of the neck rather than a touch shows that the person wants to action and defend themselves, perhaps wishing the strike out at what or whoever is upsetting them. In another clip with his goddesses, notice how he is standing bent over the kitchen counter hiding his Pelvis (the sexual portion of the body) and leaning over awkwardly so his elbows rest on the counter, protecting his ventral front (the belly) from whatever media scrutiny he could get from living with two "goddesses" in his house to take care of his children. Also note that his hands are out in front placed in prayer position (prayer that this will go well) Then when the goddesses don't listen to Sheen's request to "Not go there" he uses a displacement behavior for his stress by oddly getting up and going to eat an OREO cookie, taking it apart and licking it. Eating is also a displacement behavior used to deal with the stress of the day. Then same tape different interview nothing "Broken" here "but the paralanguage delivery he actually broke the words. He shakes hands but then crosses his arms placing his hands in a fig leaf. This again protects him from sexual attack. You don’t see this fig leaf in celeb interviews (occasionally when speaking about sex scenes.) As Charlie Sheen says, "My assistant Regan (he does a tongue thrust) was putting the children to bed." The tongue thrust defies your judgment that the assistant is a former model and or porn star. When Charlie says, "I do not know where my children are." He looks suddenly frightened and lost, notice his unfocused eyes. He continues talking giving tongue erasing cues then rubbing his lips bouncing in his chair. The chair moves are odd as there are nice arms on the chairs. In the interviews where Charlie is wearing a brown shirt his face is white and drawn and he looks deschelved, his body language and voice are manic and to top it off he uses extremely bizarre references such Warlock, tigers blood In the interviews with the blue shirt notice the manic moves and odd gesturing. Blue shirt sitting on the sidewalk drinking water as he says, "Drug tests don’t lie." "I don’t know don’t care." Charlie is choosing not to answer the question he was asked. His hand over his mouth as he talks about his dads concern for him show Charlie is blocking what he really wants to say. More rough notes. Holding a piece of paper.III and and and I I will not let you down. Aggressively taking the paper with the negative comments from viewers who had seen his brown shirt interview. Charlie Sheen looks how he is sitting at the beginning.... feet out in a big..... feet pointing out. Brown shirt interview When was the last time you did drugs. "Look at me DUHHHH" pointing at himself, "

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