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10 last minute Halloween costume ideas that are quick and easy to create from stuff you already have in the house

  1. Strap a couple of flashlights into a belt and wrap tight with duct tape, cut a couple of big eye holes into a sheet.  Put on the belt so the flashlights light you up then put on the sheet with the eye holes. This costume gives a whole new meaning to ghost.
  2. Put a real or homemade phone headset on your head. (One of the ones that goes over your head with the mike in front.) Put on an oxford shirt and khakis and go around saying, "Please hold." and "How can I help you today?" To dress like a tech support.
  3. Put white powder in your hair or a grey wig and strap, sew or hot glue office supplies such as a stapler, notebook, pens, paperclips and post its to your clothes and say you're an old desktop computer.
  4. Get a big white apron.  Hot glue, sew or duct tape fun things like recipe cards, perhaps a measuring spoon, a whisk, pepper mill and other kitchen items to the apron.  If you can find a chef's hat on line or make one get that.  Put the apron on over a white shirt and black pants and say you're a chef and you would like to cook for them.  Or you can say you are a future contestant for Top Chef and you would like them to try out some recipes.  It's a great costume if you are single.
  5. Go to the dollar store or grocery store and get tons of boxes of Cracker Jack or Carmel Corn. Hot glue them to a buttoned down shirt and tell people you're the Cracker Jack surprise.
  6. Carry around or tape to your shirt an open newspaper, yes a real hard copy of a real black print on white newspaper, ideally use your city newspaper.  When people ask what you are say you're the last subscriber to the daily paper. (Read the paper first as people will ask you what you've read.) For extra pizazz, you could also tape cut out headlines on your shirt.
  7. Dress in all deep purples and carry or attach a dinner knife, a bag of white bread and jar of peanut butter. You are a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
  8. Dress all in black (that can be fun) or brown and attach or carry a coffee cup, powdered cream packets, sugar or sweet n low packets and say you're a cup of coffee.
  9. Find all the birthday cards around the house, hot glue them to an outfit, along with birthday candles, a paper table cloth, gift wrapping paper, ribbons and an empty box of cake mix and say you're a birthday party.
  10. Put a couch throw around your shoulders, strap on a pillow from the sofa, a TV remote and some popcorn, and you're a couch potato.

And a few more

Look up conversation starters or questions to start conversations on the internet and print a ton of them, then cut them into strips, glue them on your clothes and you are a conversation starter. My book strapped to your waist is also a good opener.
Print out a ton of photos of all the things that interest you, your fav foods, places to travel, people, books and famous people, tape them on your clothes. You're PINTREST (The website where you pin photos.)

Put on all black, a cap, mask, gloves and tennis shoes and take all your purses and hang them all over you to be a purse snatcher.

If you're a woman and  have dark hair and a big smile, put on a white shirt and white pants and red lipstick and carry a clip board and you’re Madge the Progressive Insurance girl. (Have a YouTube video of her commercial on your phone ready to play.)

If you’re a guy put on a business suit, make a table out of cardboard that you can fit around your waist or sit on the floor and have people gather around you in a circle and ask inane questions and you’re the AT&T guy in the cute commercial with the kids.

Take all the old ties from the closet, pin and or wrap them around you. Swing by a Thai restaurant for some take out boxes, menus and chopsticks and you are Thai food.

Dress up like a witch, but instead of a broom bring a Swiffer or little vacuum to be a modern day witch.

Put on all your sports related clothing, hats, shoes etc. (please no Miley Cyrus foam finger) and go as a sports fan.