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What Your TV-Watching Position Together Says About Your Relationship

Have you ever wondered what's really going on between you and your favorite Netflix and chill partner? spoke with Patti Wood, body language expert and author of SNAP: Making the Most of First Impressions Body Language and Charisma to find out exactly what your TV-watching Position means.

Position: Both of you sitting on opposite sides of the couch.
You both definitely need your space, which isn't necessarily bad, but it does show that you're both independent people. That said, if you used to sit in a closer position and suddenly switched to this one, it could be a sign that one or both of you needs to withdraw from the other's affection.

Position: You putting your head on his lap while he sits upright. 
This is known as a parent/child position. The person whose head is cradled is allowing themselves to be vulnerable and wants to feel taken care of. Putting your head on someone's lap says, "I trust you to be gentle and caring with me." The person offering their lap is assuming a caretaker role. If this isn't your usual position but you're in it lately, it could mean that one of you is going through a hard time and needs comfort. If it's the primary position you always go to, that's an indicator of you both being happy with your usual roles in the relationship.

Position: Both of you spooning horizontally on the couch.
If your go-to is lying down and spooning, Wood says you both have both a strong sexual chemistry and feeling of security in the relationship. The person being spooned is basically saying with their body, "I can turn my back on you and know I am safe. You have my back." The person doing the spooning is saying, "I want to surround you and take you in." This position has also been shown to increase intimacy in couples and reduce the stress of both partners, so if it works for you, keep doing it. 

Position: Both of you sitting close to each other, holding hands.
If you usually find yourself sitting like this together, you're both using an innocent way of connecting and really focusing on your partner. Because your hands are intertwined, you can't really do anything else (like pick up your phone and check your Instagram for the 80th time), so that means you're forced to be totally present with your partner. Wood says she often sees this position with elderly couples who have a strong bond and less of a need to stay busy and connected to the outside world. 

Position: Both of you sitting close to each other with your head on his shoulder and his arms at his sides.
If you usually have your head on his shoulder and he stays in place like a statue, you're trying to connect with him and feel safe and protected, but if he never reaches out to connect with you, that's not a great sign. If he doesn't reach out to touch you or moves away from your head, it shows he doesn't want to feel connected to you and wants to remain more independent. 

Position: Him sitting upright, you with both arms wrapped around him like a sloth.
This one depends a lot on how your partner is responding to it. If your guy isn't looking at you very much or touching you at all, he's probably not thrilled with the position. If you wrapping yourself around him makes him feel like you are trying to possess him, he might be turned off by that neediness. Wood says this one depends so much on how he's reacting to it. If he seems into it, then you're both likely expressing how connected and happy you are with each other. 

Position: You both on the couch with only your legs or feet touching each other. 
Wood says a lot of couples who end up in this position have been together a long time, but still want to stay connected in some physical way. It's also a position you might take if you've been fighting and want to stay connected, but you're still kind of mad at each other. 

Position: You sitting close to each other with his arm on the back of the sofa.
If you love to sit close and he always has his arm wrapped around the back of the couch when you do, that shows he has a desire to protect you and connect with you. He wants to let anyone nearby know you're his and that you're truly connected to each other.