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I was discussing Hillary’s “emotional moment” with the Chilean national newspaper the other day. I believe it gave women something they had been looking for-- a WOMAN like them that they could identify with and feel safe voting for. If only Senator Clinton had been authentic years ago. The Chilean journalist said that Chileans love their female prime minister because of her warmth and authenticity. I wish Hilary had thought of this earlier. 

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I have been analyzing her nonverbal cues for many years and have always thought that she lacks warmth and authenticity. Having done a charted read of this particular piece of footage, the global read is that her overall response to the question showed her being unusually emotional and authentic, not just the few “emotional moment” sentences that most of the media focused on.

emotional hillary clintonOne of the most important aspects of honesty is the timing of the nonverbal cues (voice body and facial cues) with a person’s statements. Because the primal part of the brain works much more quickly than the cognitive part of the brain when we process words, when someone is being honest they feel something, then they show it nonverbally, and then they say it with their words. In this piece you could see and hear Senator Clinton feel before she spoke.  And when you look at her gestures they are definitely in synch with the words. In the past I have watched Senator Clinton try to “act” for interviews and speeches.  Because she’s shown herself to be a very bad actress in the past, I know she is being sincere here.

Now having said that, there is a little piece where she says, “I couldn’t do this, you know, if I didn’t passionately believe that this was the right thing to do.” and follows that with a tongue smacking that serves as transition from a planned statement to her emotional statement. Typically a person would smack her lips and tongue to get the taste of what she had just said out of her mouth. Then she pauses and her eyes make a circle down to her emotions and all the way around as she goes into the emotional statement, “You know I have so many opportunities from this country.’ By the way, “you knows” can be interpreted in police interrogations as signs of deception. But if you know Hillary, you know she only uses them when she is “off script” so they are more likely to be indications of heartfelt statements.

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