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Logistics for Your Program

If you have booked Patti, here is some logistical information you will need to have. Please feel free to email at for any questions you may have.

At time of booking or two to three weeks prior to event:

1.  Attendee Count. Do you have a count of the number of attendees for the program? Please send this to Patti. As it changes, you may want to update the number as often as possible.

2.  Workbook or handouts. Do you want them sent ahead of time? Do you want to reproduce them and have them ready for the program? Where do you want this information sent?

3.  Transportation questions:

  • Where should Patti fly in?
  • What hotel or motel should we book her in? Do you have a phone number for one close by?
  • What ground transportation is available? Bus, taxi, shuttle from hotel to facility, etc.?
  • Should Patti rent a car?
  • Do you have a map of the facility's location to fax or e-mail? Map from airport to hotel? To facility? If so, please fax or e-mail.
  • Please note that Patti's reservations cannot be made until we have a copy of our deposit check or signed contract for this event. Have these been taken care of yet?

4.  Patti would like to contact a few of the audience members ahead of time to personalize her presentation. Could you please send us at least six names, phone numbers and e-mail addresses as soon as possible? It takes time to catch people, as you probably know. Titles and company names would be helpful as well.

5. If you like, Patti will be happy to provide a few of her books as door prizes from a business card drawing. Just let her know. She likes to do that, but needs to know ahead of time so she can bring books with her.

One Week Prior to Event

6.  If you would like to videotape this program, please let Patti know so she will dress appropriately for film. She enjoys clients doing this if you provide her with a copy.

7.  Introducing Patti.  We will send you a short introduction of Patti for someone from your team to use in introducing her to the group. Please instruct the person to read it exactly as it is written.

Check Status Day Before Event

8. Please provide both a cordless lavaliere with a backup cordless hand held. In a large crowd, Patti uses the handheld to go out in the audiences so their responses, comments and questions can be heard.

9.  Patti will need a flip chart and two of those giant, extra thick markers.

10.  Seating. Please be sure in a large group, that the seats are set with only a small center aisle. The chairs should be in a slight curve rather than straight rows. This ensures that no one is facing a wall and that the energy goes towards the center of the room. This creates more laughter and energy in the program.

Please contact Patti with any questions.