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The Mission of NSA Georgia, an award-winning chapter of the National Speakers Association (NSA), is to enhance the quality of the speaking profession.

The fulfillment of our mission will:

  • Increase the visibility of the speaking profession in the community
  • Facilitate the pioneering of new opportunities in the marketplace
  • Enhance the stature, image, and opportunity for monetary rewards of members
  • Develop members' entrepreneurial skills

In fulfilling this mission, goals will be pursued which provide for members an environment to:

  • Learn from experienced professionals
  • Develop and refine professional speaking, business and leadership skills
  • Observe performance standards
  • Facilitate peer relationships

Provide for clients:

  • Accurate portrayal of capabilities
  • Consistent quality performance
  • Relevant learning and growth experiences

Provide for NSA cooperation in:

  • Service as the ambassador for NSA on a regional basis
  • Commitment to integrity, principles, and code of ethics
  • Implementation of NSA's programs, activities and educational endeavors

In achieving our mission, we strive to include certain values in our organization:

  • Integrity
  • Sharing and mentoring
  • Respect for the individual
  • Valuing diversity
  • Professional courtesy
  • Commitment to quality
  • Continuous improvement
  • Excellence in customer service
  • NSA Georgia intends to be the premier resource for the meetings industry.

The Competencies

The Eight Competencies are the basic categories of skill, knowledge and mastery needed for optimum professional performance. These competencies allow for endless variations in specific content and focus based upon the choices of the individual and the needs of the moment.

NSA Georgia encourages and aids their members in developing these competencies as they build their speaking career.

Professional Awareness
Knowing the state of the art in speaking and understanding our industry and profession.

Professional Relationships
Knowing the interests, needs and issues in dealing with our clients, colleagues and co-workers in the speaking profession.

Platform Competencies
Knowing and mastering all of the "mechanical" skills of the speaker's craft.

Communication Techniques
Knowing how to reach your audience in the manner that will achieve the effect you desire.

Topic Development
Knowing how to select and expand the topics of greatest value.

Authorship/Product Development
Knowing how to convert your speaking message into other forms in order to reach a greater variety of audiences.

Business Management
Knowing how to deal with the administrative side of the speaking business: contracts, agreements, systems and money.

Sales and Marketing
Knowing how to generate engagements and expand your impact within chosen markets.


The speaking profession is extremely rewarding from the point of view of sharing and educating audiences about your particular knowledge, industry or passion.

NSA Georgia will provide you with all the tools to get you on track in the speaking industry. In order to be successful you need to realize and know that you are NOT in the business of speaking, but in the business of marketing. As Dick Biggs, who has been in the speaking business for fifteen years, explains; "If you don't market, you don't speak. Marketing costs money and takes a lot of time, but the best program in the world is worthless if no one knows what you do." NSA Georgia and NSA provide you with information (sometimes even 'toooo' much info) to take years of your learning curve. Whether you want to make a presentation, be published, or network with other professionals, NSA Georgia is the place to be.

NSA Georgia is one of the largest and most award-winning chapters of the National Speakers Association. Chartered in 1981 as Georgia Speakers Association, the association  in September, 2001, voted to change the name to NSA Georgia to reflect the close association with NSA.

The 180-plus membership consists of full-time professional speakers, part-time speakers, trainers, seminar leaders, facilitators, entertainers, authors, hospitality professionals, educators, consultants and people who are considering becoming speakers.

The members must reach a high standard of professionalism and experience to be accepted for membership. Meetings are held monthly in Atlanta to help maintain high standards through training, development and peer support from some of the most well-known, experienced speakers in the country. Visit a monthly meeting and see for yourself why meeting planners, businesses, and the tourist and convention industry considers NSA Georgia one of the most valuable resources available!