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Body Language and Selling

By Patti Wood MA

  • Do you want to know how to read a prospect’s body language quickly and accurately?
  • Would you like to avoid the biggest mistake others make when reading body language?
  • Do you know the REAL differences between the way males and females communicate and do business?
  • Do you want to gain the eyes and attention of others in a sales meeting?
  • Would you like to establish rapport quickly and easily on the phone, in texts and emails and in person?
  • Do you want to know two things to do when someone isn't listening to you?
  • Do you want to know what your customer/audience wants and what you can expect from them?
  • Could you benefit from understanding how emails, texts, phone calls and face-to-face meetings communicate?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, this workshop will fulfill your needs through practice, discussion, and one-on-one coaching. You'll develop awareness to give you the competitive edge.

This workshop includes a variety of useful coaching and information on:

Understanding what a customer was thinking but not saying?
How smiles can mask and reveal emotion
Comfort Cues that indicate lack or interest or deceit
Recognizing which of the four buying styles the prospect is showing you nonverbally
Knee-crossing and brain function
How what you do is what you get from the customer
Gesturing for increased verbal ability
SOFTENING your nonverbal listening cues for increased rapport
Closed palms as a lie detector
Forming a clear nonverbal message
Reading the cues of interest, lack of interest, buying signals and rapport
Reading the cues in an entire "Gesture Cluster" nonverbal sentence
The secrets of eye blinks, eye shades and head nods
Foot tapping as a conversation monitor

Patti Wood MA

"The Gold Standard of Body Language Experts"
The Washington Post

Credited for bringing the topic of body language to the national consciousness by The New York Times, Patti Wood researches, speaks, writes, and consults on body language for law enforcement, Fortune 500 companies and National Associations. Patti is inter- viewed by media around the world including;The Today Show, CNN, PBS, FOX News, Good Morning America, Entertainment Tonight, The History Channel, Discovery Channel, CBS, Nancy Grace, Dr. Drew, The Talk, and The Steve Harvey Show. She is quoted in publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg Business Week, Forbes, USA Today, Sports Illustrated, Huffington Post, The Week, Men’s Health, Details, People, Oprah Magazine, Life & Style, Esquire, Psychology Today, Fortune, and more. She is the author of seven books including "SNAP Making the Most of First Impressions Body Language and Charisma."

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