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Sales Presentation Training

The course includes individual analysis, group discussions, coaching and practice.

Powerful presentations will bring value to your client discussions. The aim of this program is to help:

  • Establish you as the credible source
  • Create a relationship during the presentation
  • Increase the average deal size
  • Improve competitive win rate

Attendees with learn how to:

  • Get to know your audience before you present
  • Understand what your audience really wants and what they expect to see so you can meet their needs
  • Match your vision with their needs
  • Plan your presentation to elicit a desired response
  • Showcase the product the service and the business value
  • Tie the major points of the presentation back to the client
  • Make the case for moving forward with the proposal now
  • Close with a call to action rather than the old "any questions?”

"Your sales presentation course was awesome!"  ~Tony Rodriguez,  BMW

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