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I Have to Give a Speech: 
Three-Day Presentation Skills Workshop

You will complete this course with both the knowledge and the skill practice to feel confident and in control during a speech. Coached practice is the key to this workshop. Participants have the opportunity to prepare and give several presentations, which are critiqued by the class and instructor. Participants' speeches are videotaped on a personal tape for review onsite and at home.

This 3 day workshop includes:

Making a good first impression—why it's important to “wow” the audience in the first 90 seconds and how to warm them up

Preparing—knowing what your audience wants and needs

Creating—how to spark creativity and decide what to say

  • Understanding how the right and left hemispheres of the brain affect your creativity
  • Branching—hot tips to make a mind map
  • Looping to create content
  • Cubing to understand audience objections

Choosing content that will be useful and interesting

Writing a speech with impact—a five-minute plan

Organizing—knowing what comes in what order for your presentation

  • Stating the purpose of your speech
  • Using a preview frame to outline material for your audience
  • Using a variety of attention getters
  • Balancing the body of your speech
  • Empowering your speech with strong transitional statements
  • Using conclusions for credibility and closure

Energizing your presentation with great body language—the seven secrets

Enhancing your vocal delivery with four vocal exercises

Getting your butterflies to fly in formation and channeling nervous energy to maximize your results

Creating visual aids and props that have impact

Choosing stories to make learning real and personal

Getting your audience to laugh

Finding and using analogies and metaphors to make technical and abstract material more concrete

Reading your audience's body language so you know whether or not they are with you

Generating active participation

Using questions, overcoming fears about answering them, and creatively using questions to enhance learning

Dealing with a difficult audience

Discovering your personality and using it

Being real, being present, being vulnerable

Handling impromptu speaking situations

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