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Onion Rings and Light Bulbs: Creative Problem-Solving and Decision-Making
Thinker Toys to Break Mental Blocks and Build Business Success

You are sitting at your desk looking at the wall trying to figure out a budget problem, knowing another cup of coffee won’t help. The blank screen on your computer has failed to inspire you to start your report, presentation or article. You need a sales or marketing idea that is not dust-covered and overused. You know if you sit through one more boring, unproductive meeting or planning session, you’ll scream.  

This workshop will give you the Thinker Toys to make your creativity sizzle and bubble over. No matter what your creative powers are now, this incredibly fun day will rev you up and give you creative product. You’ll learn cutting edge methods for creativity through practice, discussion, and loads of skill-building exercises including...

  • Investigating your purpose
  • Using the left brain/right brain connection
  • Mapping your mind traffic for organization
  • Branching for unlimited ideas
  • Planting trees for brainstorming
  • Cubing your thoughts for solving business problems
  • Decision-making with the Benjamin Franklin list
  • Tossing apple analogies for more creative answers
  • Getting rid of "right" answers through river writing
  • Using your personality type to your creative advantage
  • Pondering puzzles and teamwork
  • Empowering team creativity
  • Self-talk, taping, talk-walk and more
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