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Body Language in Business Workshop

Nonverbal communication accounts for up to 90% of the meaning of a message.  In this informative workshop, you will learn to read body language through experience, practice, and discussion.  This is no ordinary program!  You will walk out feeling like you've been given a new eyeglass prescription and a high-tech hearing device—suddenly aware of hundreds of communications you had previously overlooked.  

Do you want to:

  • Create a positive first impression?
  • Know what a customer is thinking, but not saying?
  • Know the differences in the way men and women communicate nonverbally?
  • Gain the eyes and attention of others in a sales meeting?
  • Establish rapport quickly and easily with customers on the phone and in person?
  • Know what to do when someone isn't listening to you?
  • Know what others want and what you can expect from them?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, this workshop will fulfill your needs.  Through practice, discussion, and one-on-one coaching, you'll develop awareness that will give you the competitive edge!

You were FANTASTIC!!  You were the hit of my convention and for that I thank you.  How in the world am I going to top that next year?

Thank you so much.

Theresa Gamble
Executive Director
Washington State Independent Automobile Dealers Association

In this 1-2 day workshop, you will learn:

  • Ways to empower your physical presence
  • How to gain the eyes and attention of others
  • Methods to gain and maintain rapport
  • How to read signals for doubt, resistance and deception
  • How to encourage acceptance and agreement
  • Touch taboos and do's
  • How to use the best distance, gestures and touch for your situation
  • How power, gender, race and status affect nonverbal communication
  • How to handle handshakes—the grippers, twisters and whimpers
  • What body windows do for your power and self-confidence

I thoroughly enjoyed your program.  It may be difficult for me to unwind so I can get some sleep. Your enthusiasm, effervescence, and passion for body language is contagious. Thank you for your insightful, engaging presentation. Thank you again!  ~Teresa Dore, Sales Talent

This workshop also includes a variety of useful coaching on:

How smiles can mask and reveal emotion
Serving vs. selling
Knee-crossing and brain function
Getting to the bottom line
Gesturing for increased verbal ability
Softening for increased rapport
Showing palms as a lie detector
Forming a clear sales presentation
Organizing your thoughts
Foot tapping as a conversation monitor

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