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Speech Coaching:
ONE-on-ONE Coaching

Enhance your presentation, interpersonal and interview skills through one-on-one coaching.

You can meet with Patti face-to-face, over the phone, send her a videotape, or e-mail her a speech, and receive personalized feedback and coaching. Patti is a recognized body language expert and Certified Speaking Professional, an earned designation of the National Speakers Association. She has coached politicians, CEOs, CFOs, executives, professional speakers, salespeople, lawyers and law enforcement officers and more. She can help you write a speech, enhance your delivery, be confident in a job or media interview, get your message across clearly and improve your overall communication.

Coaching Content includes all of Patti's training and speaking topics as well as the following skill areas:

  • Creating a Winning Speech
  • Engaging and Confident Presentations and Training
  • Launching Your Product or Conference Successfully
  • If You Must Use PowerPoint, Learn the Secrets That Will Make It Powerful
  • Winning Job Interviews
  • Using DISC and/or Myers Briggs to Understand Yourself and Manage Differences Successfully
  • Manage or Supervise with Success
  • Understand and Use the Power of First Impressions
  • How to Sell in the First Five Minutes.
For more information about her programs, or to book Patti Wood for a program, either call 404-315-7397, email:, or use our booking form.