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Body Honesty: Building Credibility and Spotting Lies


Body language expert and author Patti Wood has taught business leaders how to read and use body language for personal and business success for the last twenty years. She has consulted on murder cases, taught interview and interrogation techniques to all branches of law enforcement, and has been quoted and interviewed by the national media including CNN, FOX News, Primetime, Dateline and The Wall Street Journal. She will teach you how to spot a liar and how to insure that you look credible in your business and social relationships.


  • How to tell the difference between nervousness and deception cues.
  • The best way to hold your hands to show truthfulness.
  • How tongue, lip and mouth movements reveal lies.
  • The difference between a real smile and a masking smile.
  • What the movement of the eyes reveals about our thoughts.
  • What part of the body is the most "honest."
  • How to read pauses and word usage.
  • What space and territory reveal about truth telling.
  • The role of body and facial animation as an honesty indicator.
  • How the heart and other body windows hide or reveal emotions.
  • How to question someone to find out the truth.
  • What's the best way to "catch" a liar.

And much more....

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