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Being the Best You: Image and Impression

By Patti Wood MA

Communication Dynamics

Do you want to know what creates a positive first impression?

Have you ever wondered what a client was thinking but not saying about you?

Do you know the differences between the way men and women communicate nonverbally?

Do you want to gain the eyes and attention of others in a meeting?

Have you ever wanted to quickly and easily establish rapport with clients and consultants on the phone and in person?

Do you want to know two actions to take when someone isn’t listening to you?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, this program is for you. Whether you are going to the job site for the first time, or meeting a new client, or managing a new project team, your first impression counts.  People, even people who already know you, are forming an impression of you for that day. The impression others have of us determines what they will think of us, how they talk with us, and the quality of our relationship with them. Our image essentially effects the quality and texture of our lives. Whatever your role, project manager, architect, or construction manager, you represent the company to your clients, the project team, and the general public. To insure your career success you need to present yourself professionally.

In this high energy, interactive program, you’ll learn to give a powerful and positive impression, be able to accurately assess others, and use the power of your “gut level” responses to improve your business savvy.   In this session you will learn powerful impression management skills through experience and practice.  Working with others in the class you will suddenly be aware of hundreds of communications you had previously overlooked.  All of these skills will enhance your effectiveness with people at work and in your personal life.

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