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Success Signals in Selling: Body Language and Sales Techniques

Knowing and using body language can give you the leading edge in any sales situation.  It is as if you've been given a "people" microscope or magic see-in-the-dark goggles and a high tech hearing device. Once you know the nonverbal language of the body, you will suddenly see and understand things you have never noticed before.

We send and receive up to 10,000 nonverbal cues in less than one minute of interaction with another person. That is an enormous amount of information that can be available to you when talking to a prospect if you know how to read and understand the signals of their body language.

According to current sales research, 70 percent of a prospect's impression of you comes from your body language and image, 20 percent from your voice, and 10 percent from what you say. Prospects use body language signals-or cues-to assess you and make decisions about whether or not to do business with you. You need to be aware of what they are seeing in you, and you need to closely monitor those cues in them because they reveal the true feelings and reactions of your prospect.

Whatever skills you have now as a sales person, these insights into nonverbal communication can make you much more confident and more successful. This is a workshop filled with very specific and practical tools to take your selling to the next level.

Reading First Impressions Keynote: Skills and Insights for the First Five Minutes

You're meeting a client for the first time, buying something from a vendor, sitting next to someone new on a plane, or watching an employee come through the door at the beginning of the day.  In each of these situations, you are forming a first impression that determines how you'll interact with that person.  Whether stranger or friend, our first impressions determine our communication, our relationships, and essentially, the quality and texture of our lives.

In this high energy, interactive keynote, you'll learn to accurately assess others and use the power of your "gut level" responses to improve your business savvy.  We form first impressions during the first 90 seconds of an interaction.  Since these impressions stay with us for a long time, it's important to be conscious of our abilities and intuitive value filters. 

In this keynote, we will break down the steps people go through in those first few minutes.  You'll learn the four steps to a powerful handshake and how to deal with bone crushers and wimps.  You'll understand gender-based differences in handshakes and how your ability to establish rapport is effected by space, eye contact, and smiles.

Reach Out: A Motivational Keynote

In this program, you will learn to recognize the uniqueness that every person has to offer and to laugh at the humor in our humanness.  You'll gain insight into what can interfere with our ability to have authentic relationships and practice techniques to connect and create rapport.  You'll gain a greater appreciation for being vulnerable and receptive.  You'll understand the benefits of establishing what we have in common with others - even the most difficult people in our lives.  The unique stories shared in this program are infused with laughter, pain, and caring that will strike a
chord of recognition.

In this fast-paced and frantic, "too much to do" world, glimpse the possibilities that come from letting down your armor and reaching out.  This program will touch your funny bone and your heart.

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