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Once Upon A Time There Was A Storytelling Workshop…

This session explores how stories change learning and increase retention. You will look at the many ways that stories can be used from; attention getting speech openers, meeting energizers, powerful learning tools, information retention devices, manager coaching techniques, persuasive selling tools to strong closers. You will learn and practice tools and techniques that aid in story creation and delivery. This program can be customized for any audience; from speakers and trainers to salespeople and managers. This program can also be designed for any session length.  

Participants will learn:

  • To maximize learner retention through storytelling.
  • To apply storytelling differently to meet learning objectives.
  • To use The Story Arc, story structuring tool.
  • To enhance meetings, trainings and coaching sessions.
  • To apply storytelling in product training, technical training, skills-based training and concept-based training.
  • A series of unique storytelling activities that make learning more enjoyable.
  • A bunch of cool stories.
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