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Body Honesty: Detecting Deception for Investors

A CEO says the company is merging but will not be laying off employees as he rubs his nose. A department head tells you that the budget looks great for the fiscal year then sweeps his upper lip with his tongue. A competitor leans forward and gestures wildly as she speaks enthusiastically about her business. Who is telling you the truth? Can you read body honesty? Do you know how to look credible when you are communicating? You can send and receive up to 10,000 nonverbal cues in less than one minute of interaction. That is an enormous amount of information that can be available to you to help you read others and present yourself well...

You need to be aware of what Wall Street investors are saying to you and the messages you and your team are sending to them. It is vitally important that you closely monitor for honesty and deception cues given non-verbally with voice cues and body language. Research on deception confirms that these cues give the most accurate indication of someone's truest emotions and can reveal most accurately when someone is lying.

In this keynote you will not only learn to watch for cues but also to use questioning techniques and  special "monitoring" cues of your own to check for honesty. In addition, you will learn cues to show you are credible in your business and personal relationships.

Knowing and using body language can do so much for you. It is like being given a "people" microscope, magic "night" vision goggles and a high tech hearing device. You will suddenly see and understand things you have never seen and heard before. Whatever skills you have now, these insights can make you much more confident and more successful. This keynote is filled with very specific and practical tools to help you read body honesty.

Some of the insights include:

  • How to tell the difference  between nervousness and deception cues
  • The best way to hold you hands to show truthfulness
  • How mouth movements reveal lies
  • The difference between a real smile and a masking smile
  • What the movement of the eyes reveal about our thoughts
  • How to read pauses
  • The role of body and facial animation as an honesty indicator
  • How the heart and other "body windows" hide or reveal emotions

 What's in this Keynote for you?

  • What makes nonverbal cues so important for reading deception cues?
  • The benefits of self monitoring.
  • How body honesty savvy can make your interviews easier.            
  • How space affects level of self-disclosure and honesty.
  • Be aware of your body bubble and the borrower’s body bubble.
  • Paired exercise – “walk towards me.”
  • How seating strategy affects your "read."           
  • How is power communicated non-verbally and how that affect the "read."
  • How to look for body window body honesty signals” and “closed down”       signals.
  • How to watch for leakage cues in hand movements.   
  • Use of artifacts and stuff and what that can reveal.
  • Questioning techniques and information gathering.
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