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Deception Detection Public Seminar

November 10th
Atlanta Georgia

Time 9:00am till 1:15pm

Cost $150 dollars

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Body Language Secrets for Establishing Credibility and Detecting Deception              

Key learning points and their impact

  • Increase trust in your business and personal relationships
  • Encouraging acceptance and agreement of your ideas through one simple movement
  • Learn the one big mistake that people always make when trying to read body language – and how it can sabotage your work interactions  and personal relationships
  • Maximize your work teams by knowing how to identify hidden emotions in team members and create appropriate solutions
  • Gain the eyes and attention and buy in  without raising your voice
  • Practicing three methods to gain and maintain rapport with patients and staff.
  • Unlock the mystery behind such signals as eye blinking, palming, and foot tapping so your meetings and negotiations are more effective.

·         How to tell the difference  between nervousness and deception cues

·         How to get a “baseline” of behavior to get to distinguish truth from fiction

·         How introverts and extroverts lie differently and what it means to your reads.

·         How the heart and other "body windows" hide or reveal emotions and what you need to do to look open and honest and tell if others are receptive to your ideas and requests

·         What part of the body is the most "honest?"

·         How to read pauses and word usage for honesty and deception to read people over the phone

·         Learn to use insights from Dr. Paul Ekman’s famous research on micro expressions.  Dr. Ekman’s research inspired the hit television show on FOX “Lie to Me.”

  • Learn the powerful questions you need to ask to get to the truth

In every minute of interaction, you have the potential to give and receive over 10,000 nonverbal cues. In this unique program, you will “experience” reading these cues.  You will interact with Patti and each other in this high energy, humor filled insight rich presentation.  You will practice 25 secrets of voice, facial expression and body movements to improve your credibility and deception detection ability. You will walk out of the program with your eyes and ears opened to the secrets of body language and action steps for using your insights in patient interactions, interpersonal communications and presentations.


Patti Wood, MA

Patti Wood has shared her energy, humor and potent insights into nonverbal communication with Fortune 500 and Association audiences for over 25 years.  She is called “The gold standard of body language experts” by the Washington Post and credited in the New York Times with bringing the topic into the national consciousness. A true, degreed body language expert she trains, coaches and consults with corporations, health care clients, law enforcement, and the media. A former University Instructor in Body Language and Communication, she is the author of seven books including; Success Signals-Understanding Body Language, Easy Speaking-Dynamic Delivery, and The Conflict Cure. She speaks on PBS, BBC, CNN, FOX News, E! Entertainment, The History Channel, Inside Edition, VH1, and appears regularly in hundreds of newspapers and magazines around the world including: Us Weekly, Psychology Today, People, Men’s Health, Reuters, UPI, Ladies Home Journal, ESPN, Entertainment Weekly, The Times (London), Cosmopolitan, USA Today, In Touch, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Red Book and hundreds more. Her website is

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